Born and raised in Berlin, Germany where he discovered his love for Art at an early age. Marlon attended the Lette School for Applied Arts in Berlin. After that he worked his way into tattooing. During his many guest spots and touring through Europe he developed his unique black and grey linework approach. His signature style is clearly a mirror of is soul and his European roots. After 10 years of tattooing Marlons focus to provide quality and a excellent tattoo experience is as strong as ever. He continues to strive himself and his craft to the next level. He now calls Los Angeles his Home and feels very much blessed to be working in his Studio alongside his friends.



Lizzie is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She studied illustration at East Carolina University and graduated with a BFA in Painting from Brooklyn College in 2009. Lizzie has been a Los Angeles resident since 2016, and she’s been tattooing since 2009. She is highly appreciated amongst her colleagues and is clearly a client's favorite.



Kenny Takar was born and raised in Los Angeles. He went to UC Santa Cruz to study printmaking and spent a stint of time living in the bay area bouncing around working odd jobs before returning to Los Angeles to help out his family. Kenny later began working in a tattoo shop as shop help, until he eventually became an apprentice. Now he is working alongside his friends at Blxck Haus Tattoo. Kenny’s work stems from the appreciation of traditional imagery that came before him. No matter the tattoo, he is working towards incorporating that appreciation to express themes lost and love, nostalgia of places and memories, states of mind about being who you are or who you want to be. But, in the end, he just wants to make solid tattoos and have fun doing so.